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Inheritors Update

Nov. 3rd, 2012 | 10:02 am

I was asked recently about the status of Inheritors, and I figured I should probably make it a general update.  Amy, Jo, and I have turned the finished manuscript over to Fandemonium, where it's going through the first edit.  First word from the editor is that she doesn't expect to have any big changes, so I'm hoping we'll have just the usual continuity check (thank God for editors!) and tweaking and tightening.  We should see that back in a week or two, and should be able to turn it around pretty quickly.  After that, it goes to MGM for their approval.  That's always been the sticking point in the past, though with the sale to Lionsgate having gone through, they've been faster with their review and comments.  Once that first review is done, the ms. comes back to us to make the requested changes.  We'll make those changes as quickly as we can, and in the previous books, the changes were minor and we've been able to turn the ms. around in a couple of days - this is largely due, I think, to working closely with our editor at Fandemonium to make sure we're within MGM's guidelines to begin with.  Then the ms. goes back to MGM for final approvals, which include not only the ms. but the final versions of the cover art and cover blurbs.  Once their approval is received, the ebook can go live within a couple of days, and the paperback will appear in a couple of weeks, the difference being the time it takes to print the physical book.   In theory, if everything goes well, the book could be out in December, but I'm guessing it's more likely to be January.  I hope I'm wrong there!

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