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Death By Silver Update

Nov. 17th, 2012 | 03:37 pm

Death By Silver, the gay Victorian mystery with magic that I wrote with Amy Griswold, has been scheduled for release in May, 2013, from Lethe Press!  Cover art and interior design will be by the same team who did the gorgeous work on the Points books, and that just makes the project better.

London, 1883….  Removing a curse from a client's family silver should be all in a day's work for metaphysician Ned Mathey, and if he suspects the client of exaggerating the effects of the curse to support his social aspirations, he expects to be paid well enough that it doesn't matter.  But when his client is found dead, he and consulting detective Julian Lynes are drawn into an investigation that forces them to face their shared past — and to decide whether they can have a shared future.

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