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Techniques for the Avoidance of Trans-Temporal and Interuniverse Transitional Anomalies, Case 29

Aug. 5th, 2014 | 12:43 pm

This is for ladysalieri, who needed this for the GISHWHES scavenger hunt - that's a charity scavenger hunt run by Misha Collins from Supernatural, and you should check out the website because... well, no, I don't think I can explain.  Just... check it out. Trust me, what you are about to read is actually pretty low on the silliness scale by GISHWHES measure.

The Elopus drifts beneath the pier, waiting. Timing is everything.

The Queen of England sits upright in the viewing stand. The mayor blathers, and her gaze drifts to the film crew capturing the ceremony. She glances at the corgis at her feet. She could set them on the mayor. That would give those actors something to think about, and it would end this interminable speech

She looks down at the dogs and flicks one finger. They jump – and in that instant the Elopus moves. A tentacle extends, flicks each dog, steering toward the actors posed beside the viewing stand. Mischa Collins yelps as a corgi fixes teeth in the ankle of his jeans and tugs furiously. Equerries and police converge, and he resigns himself to being rescued.

The Elopus savors success.

(The Elopus is the mascot of the event - an elephant-headed octopus, of course.)

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It's That Time of Year Again....

Jul. 31st, 2014 | 12:48 pm

And I'm off to Shore Leave! Stargate fans, this is an excellent year: Richard Dean Anderson is GoH, Teryl Rothery and Robert Picardo are featured guests, and Fandemonium will be hosting a release party for Unascended, Saturday evening 6:30-8:30. (Rumor has it there will be blue jello.) A ton of Stargate authors will be there, not just me and Jo Graham and Amy Griswold, but also Diana Dru Botsford, Sally Malcolm, and more. Do come by and check us out!

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A Brief Guide to Astreiant's Points Stations

Jul. 27th, 2014 | 12:01 pm

Someone asked recently exactly how many Points stations there were in Astreiant. A fair question, though not entirely an easy one to answer! There are a total of twelve stations under command of a Chief Point, who report directly to Rainart Fourie, the Surintendant of Points.  (You’ll notice that this is a solar dozen — there are 12 houses in the solar zodiac.)  However, as the city has grown, and as the patterns of trade and crime have shifted, Fourie and his predecessors have created three more Points stations that are nominally subordinate to the established stations and which are headed not by a Chief Point but by a Head Point — Point of Knives is the most notorious of these, and the Head Point there, Mirremay, is pretty much the last person anyone wanted in charge of that neighborhood.  The suns will rise in the west before she becomes Chief Point at Knives, though there is a rumor that Fourie might try to buy her off by offering her the chance to become a Chief Point on the northern side of the river — Manufactory Point, perhaps.  If you count these new stations, there are 15 stations — a lunar dozen.

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And there you have it! Originally, Lisa and I had said we’d do a novel for each station, assuming there was demand.  I don’t know if I’ll quite make it that far, but it’s worth a try.  Next up — Point of Sighs.

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Catching Up!

Jul. 25th, 2014 | 04:52 pm

It’s been a busy few weeks, but mostly behind-the-scenes busy rather than announcement-producing busy. That said, I do have a couple of things to mention.  First, Year’s Best SF 31 is now available. My story “Finders” is included, along with a fairly amazing range of stories. Next, the audio edition of Silver Bullet is also available - magic, aviation, and mad science collide in the Rockies in 1932. And, finally, for the Stargate fans among us — Shore Leave is coming up! Fandemonium will be launching Jo Graham and Amy Griswold’s Unascended, and all three of us, plus Diana Dru Botsford and Sally Malcom, will be on panels. (The five yards of raw silk that just went into the washing machine has nothing to do with that, of course not!)

Much of the current busy-ness has been finalizing manuscripts for publication:  getting Wind Raker turned in at Crossroad and A Death at the Dionysus Club at Lethe, both of which are now waiting on cover art.  Heiresses of Russ — year’s best lesbian SF, which I co-edited with Steve Berman — is also in production at Lethe, and should have a publication date any day now. Trouble And Her Friends is getting a new Lethe edition as well, and I’m working my way through the final galleys. Hopefully I’ll finish that this weekend!

In the meantime, I’m working on the next Order of the Air book, Oath Bound — the Lodge is in Italy for an air show, and becomes involved in the Italian invasion of Ethiopia, which in turn has wakened much older powers. I am also working on stories for several themed anthologies — dark carnival and “Deco-punk,” both of which are going to be fun to play with. Finders is happily turning into a novel; three chapters (almost exactly doubling the length of the published story) and an outline are with my agent, and with any luck will find a new home sometime soon. And, as usual, I have half a dozen ideas, some old, some new, in various stages of development…

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Pride Month

Jun. 16th, 2014 | 11:31 am

June is the month of Pride! If you’re missing some of my queer-themed work from Lethe Press, now would be an ideal time to buy it direct from the publisher. Buying direct from Lethe puts the most profit in their coffers (and in mine), and, you know, gives you something good to read into the bargain.
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And if you’ve already got all of my books, why not browse around a bit?  Lethe has a lot to offer.

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Death By Silver Sale

Jun. 12th, 2014 | 04:58 pm

If you or anyone you know doesn't yet have 2014 Lammy Winner Death By Silver, the ebook is available from Weightless Books today only for $1.99!

(Sorry about the late post, but just found out myself!  80% off!)

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Jun. 3rd, 2014 | 05:38 pm

Last night, Death By Silver won the Lambda Literary Award for LGBT SF/Fantasy/Horror!  Amy and I are both completely delighted, not least because we had pretty much convinced ourselves that we weren't going to win.  The nominees this year were exceptional, and the books ranged from solid SF to strong fantasy and pretty much everything in between. Under the circumstances, we feel really honored that Death By Silver was chosen.

The news arrived the same evening that we received the contract for the sequel, A Death at the Dionysus Club, which makes it even sweeter. And now I'm off to rummage in my kitchen for a suitably Victorian beverage with which to celebrate!

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Balticon Book Launch Party!

May. 20th, 2014 | 06:13 pm

Once again, Don Sakers and I will be teaming up for Tea From Four Worlds, a book launch party at Balticon — this Saturday, May 24, from noon to 2.  We will be serving teas appropriate to our books as well as light snacks, and giving away gift bundles that will contain a book, a different appropriate tea, and various other goodies.  And of course we’ll have copies of the books for sale.

I can’t say that it was easy choosing the right teas, but it was fun!  Well, actually, Nico’s tea was easy:  black, bitter, capable of being steeped forever and gulped down at all hours of the day or night.  That calls for solid, workmanlike British black tea, nonspecific blends, no fuss, no nonsense, good with milk and sugar or without, and able to stand up to a slug of rum or whiskey in a pinch.  Since that’s something Lisa liked in a tea, I had a ready list to choose from, and if the proverbial “tea strong enough to trot a mouse on” is your cuppa, I can provide it.

It was harder to choose the tea to go with Silver Bullet. America in the 1930s wasn’t really a tea-drinking culture — tea was associated with little old ladies and restaurants where you could order a salad of cottage cheese in a halved canned peach, or with Southerners who drank it iced and sweet. I did think about iced tea, but then remembered some of the older brands, out of fashion now, but still nice, unassuming blends that I grew up with and remember from afternoons sitting in the kitchen, in the slack between cleaning up lunch and starting supper. Alma would make tea then, and in the summer Mitch would drink the same tea over ice, pitcher after pitcher. Stasi and Lewis are both coffee drinkers, though, for all that they like a very different style…

Maybe next year we’ll do coffee, or some of Stasi’s pastries, or pies from Wicked’s, but this year, it’s tea. Tea From Four Worlds. If you're going to be at Balticon, stop by!

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Fairs' Point!

May. 17th, 2014 | 10:35 am

Fairs' Point is out, and now available via Amazon! Ebook to follow now on Smashwords!

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Magic. Murder. Dog racing?

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Silver Bullet Spoiler?

May. 1st, 2014 | 05:32 pm

To my deep amusement, actual events are now creating a possible spoiler for Silver Bullet.

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