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Just a Reminder...

Apr. 4th, 2013 | 07:42 am

The Kindle edition of The Kindly Ones is free from Amazon today and tomorrow. If you've been wanting to try something of mine, you're not going to find a better price any time soon!

Jo Walton did a lovely review of the book on Tor.com, just to tempt you....

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Free Book!

Apr. 2nd, 2013 | 06:55 pm

Thursday and Friday, April 4 and 5, the ebook of The Kindly Ones will be available on Amazon for free!  If you've been thinking about trying my books, or my solo SF, you're not likely to find a better price any time soon….

Orestes was a cruel world, cold and inhospitable. Its first colonists were castaways from a crash landing, cling to survival through the institution of strict socio-political controls. Over the generations life grew somewhat easier, but the code of honor remained. Misdeeds and errors were paid for with blood.

At one time all miscreants were executed. Now a social death is imposed. Every Oresteian city has colony of “ghosts”: ostracized citizens who must survive, somehow, without help from the living.

But galactic civilization is spreading and Orestes is in its path. The old ways are under scrutiny. And though the Oresteian aristocracy will fight for the status quo, they have not reckoned on the power of a thousand ghosts.

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The Kindly Ones

Oct. 15th, 2012 | 10:37 am

Crossroad Press has released another of my backlist titles, The Kindly Ones. It’s still one of my favorites, one where I feel I made some breakthroughs as a writer, and I think the world-building is still some of my best.

the official blurb, and some thoughtsCollapse )

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