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Emails from Atlantis, Part 1

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Nov. 19th, 2012 | 04:28 pm

For the holiday season, and to celebrate both the release of Diana Dru Botsford's SG-1: The Drift and the completion of SGA: Legacy, we thought we'd share a few emails, obtained from persons who wish to remain nameless at the SGC.... If you have no idea what we're talking about, you might check out the books referenced in the links - and if you do, bonus points for spotting the scenes!

To: john.sheppard@atlantis.af.smil.mil

Subject: FWD: Requested Copy of Mission Report on P2V-772

teal.c@sgc.af.smil.mil wrote:

General O'Neill has requested that I compile information on the Atlantis expedition's encounters with the Wraith, and it appears we are missing a copy of your mission report from P2V-772. Could you please forward me a copy? Thank you.

Sheppard - do I have to?



To: ronon.dex@atlantis.af.smil.mil

Subject: FWD: Requested Copy of Mission Report on P2V-772

Just send him a copy of whatever it was you filed with Woolsey. It’s no big deal.



To: teal.c@sgc.af.smil.mil

Cc: john.sheppard@atlantis.af.smil.mil

Subject: RE: Requested Copy of Mission Report on P2V-772

Dr. Keller and I went through the Stargate. We met Todd, but he didn’t have any information about McKay. Dr. Keller tried to negotiate with Todd, but we were interrupted by hostile Wraith. Todd hid us with the Wraith worshippers, but that worked out about as well as you’d expectStargate Atlantis: The Lost We escaped from the Wraith worshippers and retreated to the Stargate. End of report.


The story will continue on Diana's blog....

Many thanks to Matt Lathrom for the fantastic pop-ups and general css help!

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