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And now for something completely different...


It’s been a busy month for new releases, and I’m seriously behind with this announcement — but! I have Stargate news! Stargate SG-1/ Stargate Atlantis: Far Horizons, the first volume in what will hopefully be a lasting series of The Travelers’ Tales, is now out from Fandemonium! It’s currently available in book from Amazon and from Crossroad, and will be out in paperback shortly.


It’s a collection of 10 short stories by a group of well-known (and excellent) Stargate authors, featuring both SG-1 and the Atlantis crew, and covering a wide range of times and settings. My own “Close Quarters” strands Ronon Dex and Radek Zelenka on an Ancient warship that is slowly falling to pieces. Diana Dru Botsford’s “Perceptions” takes a long look at the aftermath of Janet Frasier’s death, and if you’re a Wraith fan, you won’t want to miss Amy Griswold’s “Consort,” a look at the past of the Wraith known on Atlantis as “Todd.” When the galleys arrived, I confess I spent as much time reading everyone else’s stories as I did reading mine, and was not disappointed.  I hope everyone else enjoys the treat as much as I did.
Tags: legacy, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, wraith

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