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A Further Thought on Last Calls

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Aug. 10th, 2016 | 07:21 am

When I lived in New Hampshire, there was a restaurant up the coast in Ogunquit called the Hurricane. It was open only in the summer, on the waterfront, in the little harbor area, with a section that might once have been a deck jutting out over the tide line, but had long ago been enclosed. The food was marvelous — local, simple, impeccably prepared — and their dessert menu was limited but choice. However, I preferred to end my meal with their take on Irish coffee: the Last Call. It was coffee with shots of B&B, Grand Marnier, and Kahlua, topped, of course, with whipped cream, and if that wasn’t enough, the Hurricane’s bartender made amazingly good coffee and whipped the cream himself. I don’t particularly like whipped cream, but I’d actually say yes when he asked, “a little extra?” Sipping that at the end of a superb meal, with the tide coming in and the moon rising over the Atlantic… I’ve still never had a better coffee drink.

I’d like to think, as we hit our own last call for the Historical Fantasy Storybundle, that we have a few things in common with the Hurricane’s Last Call, at least metaphorically. Not only do we have a fine mix of periods and stories — the liqueurs — but we have good solid writing — the fine coffee — and expert scholarship worn lightly to top it off as neatly as whipped cream.

And the basic bundle still costs less than the drink.

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