Melissa Scott (mescott) wrote,
Melissa Scott

June LGBT+ Storybundle

It's that time of year again! It's Pride Month, and once again the folks at Storybundle have let me put together an eclectic selection of LGBT+ science fiction in celebration. There's a little bit of everything, from steampunk to space opera, superheroes to aliens, near future to far future to worlds that never quite were, not to mention depictions of sexuality that range from discreet to smoking, but they all share a strong queer voice, and none of them contain queer characters who end miserably simply because they're queer. (Not to say that there's not a place for that kind of tragedy, but a celebratory bundle isn't it.)

It's the usual Storybundle deal: pay whatever you'd like over the minimum, and get the bundle books; pay over the bonus amount, and you'll get 7 more novels. And, like last year, you'll have the option of donating to our charity of choice, Rainbow Railroad. They specialize in helping queer folk escape government or government-sanctioned persecution, and have been very involved in helping gay men get out of Chechnya. It's a group that can make good and immediate use of any funds we can raise.

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