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Summer Schedule

This is a busy summer for me: not only do I have projects in hand and deadlines approaching, but I’ve had books out, and I’m traveling for a couple of appearances. I’ll start with those first.

July 11 at 7PM I’ll be at Pandemonium Books in Cambridge, MA for a signing/short reading celebrating the release of Point of Sighs. Pandemonium is an amazing place, if you haven’t been, and I’d love to see you there. (I haven’t been back in the area in a while, and my biggest concern is not buying All The Books…) Sadly, I won’t be at Readercon the following weekend, as my nephew is getting married.

Then August 3 and 4 I’ll be at OutWrite DC. I don’t have my schedule yet, but I hope to have a reading as well as panels. A lot of interesting people are planning to attend, so it should be a lot of fun. If you’re in the area, do check it out.

And my latest Stargate: Atlantis novel is now available — The Pride of the Genii is out from Fandemonium in ebook form and should be out in mass market paper by the end of the month. The story is part of the Legacy continuity, taking place after The Third Path, and follows Genii leader Ladon Radim’s attempt to send their first spacecraft, the Pride of the Genii, on a “goodwill mission” to Genii allies. However, when the Pride disappears, it’s up to the Atlantis team to find it—if they can.

My deadlines are for a new and exciting project! I’ve sold a f/f romance game to Heart’s Choice, a new imprint of the wonderful Choice of Games. If you don’t know them, Choice of Games produces fabulous text-only games with complex and sophisticated plots — Max Gladstone has done two games for them set in the world of his wonderful Three Parts Dead and sequels (necromantic lawyers and dead gods; well worth your read), and there are many more. A Player’s Heart is set in the all-female Opera of the delta city of Tristendesande, and on its stage politics and romance are inextricably intertwined…

On top of that, Finders should be out by the end of the year. I’ve seen the cover art, which is wonderful, and can’t wait to share more as it becomes available. Jo Graham and I are getting down to solid work on the next Order of the Air novel, Fire Season. Given everything else that’s been going on, it’s been hard to settle to the plot on this one, but I think we’re finally in a position to work again.

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