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A couple of lovely links to share today, first to the Locus review of Finders and then to my editor’s excellent fancast for Finders.

The fancast is particularly fun because (a) I do it myself and (b) I’m an intensely visual person anyway. In my old office, half of one wall was covered, floor to ceiling, with pictures I’d collected for various projects; the ones I was using for active projects lived on the wall behind my computer. In my current office, the wall space is taken up by bookshelves, so those pictures have migrated to a scrapbook, and I periodically pull it out and flip through it, usually when I’m bored or stuck. And of course I’ve also discovered Pinterest, which is both a wonderful place to collect material and a terrible time sink. A simple-seeming search — try “minotaur” — can lead down some amazingly interesting rabbit holes! There are some people I follow on Twitter (@Oniropolis, @HooklandGuide, @britishmuseum, and a whole slew of Hadrian’s Wall-related accounts — @VindolandTrust, @SegedunumFort, @EHHadriansWall, @NTHadriansWall, @HadriansWall, @HWpath — just to name a few) because they post such stunning pictures. I tend to use images as mnemonics, placeholders for the complex train of thought and emotion that each one evoked in me, and it feels like a win when a reader reflects that back at me. Which is why the fancast makes me so happy. I’ve successfully conveyed the physicality of the characters — these are entirely the right types of actors to play the parts!

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